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Play World of Tanks in 2017

World of Tanks (WoT) is an online multiplayer game which was released in 2010 by Wargaming. Featuring old fighting vehicles. It’s a free-to-play game but has a in-game store and you will have to pay a fee to use premium features of the game. It has an individual vs. individual gameplay where each player has his own vehicle.

Play World of Tanks 2017

World of Tanks Gameplay

Each player has a single armored vehicle, and are randomly spawned into a map. A match is won either by destroying all the enemy vehicles or by capturing their base. World of tanks contain a lot of game mechanics such as camouflage, spotting and many more. There are five types of vehicles in the game: light, medium and heavy tanks, tank destroyers and artillery.

As this is not a tank simulator, certain parameters have been modified but they all have been modeled very beautifully by Wargaming and they have paid very much attention on visual accuracy.

The light tanks are the fastest vehicles in the game but they have very light armor as well. So most of their roles are as flankers or they scout the map. When you select a light tank you need to remember: stay concealed and keep moving.

The medium tanks are often faster than heavy tanks but slower than the light tanks. Similarly, medium tanks are not as much armored as heavy tanks but are not as weak as light tanks too. When using a medium tank your role depends upon the scenario. You can be a flanker or give support fire. In some cases they can even brawl, given the scenario.

World of Tank Tank 2017

Heavy tanks are the bruiser in World of Tanks. They have the toughest but lacking speed and in some cases firepower. Disruption and bullying, using brute force, is the role of the heavy tanks.

The role of the tank destroyer is an exception. They come with varying differences in armor, mobility and speed. Some have speed comparable to light tanks and some have guns that exceed firepower those of heavy tanks. As the name shouts, a well-aimed shot can even destroy a tank in an instant. The player of a tank destroyer is also an exceptional player.

Artillery, aka. SPG (self-propelled gun) requires patience. These tanks have the strongest and largest- caliber weapon in the game. However, the main-role of the artillery is to be a support for the team. He has to rely on his team mates, especially on the light ones, to reveal the enemy. They have long reload times, every shot indicates to the enemy that you are going to fire on them.

World of Tank Game Modes

There are six primary types of game modes in World of Tanks: random battles, team-training battles, tank-company battles, stronghold battles and special battles. In random battles you can complete missions, given upon completion, of which the player will get rewards and experience points and unlock new vehicles. Players can also participate in groups of two or three who are put into same match.

World of Tanks, World of Wahrships and World of Warplanes

Wargaming has created an extraordinary game which is being played by million of players actively. If you want to try World of Tanks, just go on. It’s free and definitely worth it!