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Features at BoG 2017

Tournament platform for League of Legends & World of Tanks

At the moment, BoG offers tournaments and features for the games League of Legends and World of Tanks. Our goal is to create a place where you can play all your favourite games in a competitive and fun way. We have a lot of ideas how to improve and we work hard to accomplish this for you. Stay up to date because we will offer regularly new features.

Our tournaments

Play our World of Tanks and League of Legends tournaments and win awesome prizes! The speciality is that you are not playing directly against the tournament participants. You fight them with your performance over a certain amount of games. Only solo/duo ranked games count for League of Legends and random matches in World of Tanks. Our systems track automatically all your performances and calculate a final score for all participants. If you manage to reach the top placements in the tournament you will win some prizes. Play your games during the tournament duration. A long tournament period is given and you can decide when you want to play your tournament games.


Don’t waste money for your in-game items! Play your favourite games on BoG and earn coins to buy these items in our shop. We offer League of Legend skins as well as World of Tanks gold packages. We are sure you will also find something for you. So don’t miss this and pass by our shop.


Of course we offer you the possibility to chat with each other, no matter which games you play. You can use this function any time at all pages of our platform. The chat can be minimized or extracted. There is also an all chat where you can chat with all users of Battle of Glory at the same time. You can chat with every user in a private chat and add friends to your list to get in faster in contact with them.

Premium membership

Get your Battle of Glory premium membership and enjoy additional features and access to special tournaments for premium user. Visit our premium page and see by your own which advantages are waiting for you. For sure you can use the website anytime for free.

Generally we want you to be part of the development of our platform. If you have any feedback or any awesome idea to improve games on Battle of Glory just contact us. We would appreciate it.

Good Game

Your BoG team