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Features at BoG 2017


At the beginning Battle of Glory is offering a simple matchmaking. Therefore we use a simple “LoL King Score” (LKS). It considers your rank stats and determines your gaming skill. The LKS is depending on your current league placement and league points. With the help of the LKS every player can roughly estimate the strength of his opponent.

As a next step we will create an automatic matchmaking system like in League of Legends. This will be the best system to match even skilled competitors. It should help determining smurfs. For us it is very important to have even conditions at BoG.

Prize Games

Entering our prize game lobby you will quickly realise that everything is simple and obviously handled. You can either create your own game under your conditions or join an existing prize game. The creation of an own game is similar to the “custom game” creation of League of Legends. This was our goal because we wanted to offer you a familiar function. Obviously you can see the play strength of your opponent before otherwise you will maybe lose without any chance. At Battle of Glory you are in charge, you decide if you want to play a battle or not. The left hand site of our lobby contains the filter functions. You can search for game modes 1vs1 till 5vs5, the entry fee as well as the strength of your opponent. Additionally, you can filter between the modes of prizes and play money. During the creation of the lobby we tried to think as a gamer and always asked ourselves what will suit you best. Don’t forget to choose the right region on the top right hand side. When all players are ready you will receive a code which has to be copied into the field “tournament code” in the League of Legends client. Please shortly check if every player is in the right team and you can play as usual. The results of the game will be automatically tracked and the winning will be transferred directly. This can take up to 5 minutes, so don’t lose your patience.

Ranked tournaments

TThe ranked tournament lobby is designed similar to the prize game lobby. The focus lies in the ranked tournaments which are created by Battle of Glory. If a tournament reaches its participant limit our system will automatically create a new one except of tournaments with no entry fee. They will be created manually. If you stay connected you won’t miss any prize games tournaments. You will find the filter function again at the left hand side. A separation of regions is not necessary for ranked tournaments. Therefore players of different server can compete against each other and determine the best ranked player of the world.


Of course we offer you the possibility to chat with each other, no matter which games you play. You can use this function any time at all pages of our platform. The chat can be minimized or extracted. There is also an all chat where you can chat with all users of Battle of Glory at the same time. Moreover we offer a chat for each region because cash games can only be played by players from the same server against each other. This doesn’t count for ranked tournaments. You can chat with every user in a private chat and add friends to your list to get in faster in contact with them.

Next steps

  • Implementation of a second game
  • Prize lobby, prize shop for all games
  • Automatic matchmaking
  • Ranked statistics

Generally we want you to be part of the development of our platform. If you have any feedback or any awesome idea to improve games on Battle of Glory just contact us. We would appreciate it.

Good Game

Your BoG team