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Responsibility with online playing?

What is the origin for the demand of online playing?

Even in the Stone Age they were already playing whether bones throwing or tussle. It is the nature of every human being. What’s behind the demand of playing? The easiest way to explain it is to take a toddler as an example. Toddler learns by playing. They develop their abilities by playing, the way of thinking, their emotional level and their social development. Started by playing with the own fingers and discovering things through touching them. It is not important what they play, it’s just the process that they are playing. They are eager and serious while playing despite that they don’t have any goals. As an adult you just play to pass time, but for some people it is more. You can compare the hourly online playing to a training. If you have reached a certain skill level you want to compete your new skills against other competitors like in other sports. Please don’t forget to go out and take some fresh air from time to time. Your body will say thank you.

Computer playing and its effects

The opinions about computer games differ. Many think it is a waste of time and other think it is an escape from reality into a virtual world. It is often criticized that you identify with the game instead your own personality. The critics rises with violent games. The people claim that this kind of games lead to aggression and violation willingness and impair your social behaviour. But people insisting on this never played computer games. You can compare this with boxing. Asking a boxer if his sport makes people aggressive he will disagree and tell you that it has exactly the different effect. You remove your aggressions. Additionally you learn discipline, ambitions and diligence. The same happens with computer games. Don’t forget: the exception proves the rule. Playing at the computer has also positive impacts. A study of PLOS ONE claims that constant and regular playing helps improving your cognitive abilities, your spatial imagination, your attention and your memories. Moreover most of the gamers have fun while playing and this are positive feelings.

Responsibility while playing

Like with every activity in life you shouldn’t exaggerate it. Especially when you online play for prizes. In first place you should just have fun. Don’t start a game with the thoughts “I have to win”. Always be ready for battle. This means you shouldn’t be influenced by drugs, alcohol or other things. The best is you have enough rest and a good mood to achieve high performances. It is important that you set a monthly limit which you don’t raise after a losing streak. Sometimes it is better to make a short break after a loss to be more focused in the next battle. A good trick is to set a daily limit for your maximum games. This is important to prevent stupid decisions which you will regret afterwards.

Risks while playing

The following risks can appear while online playing for prizes:

  • Gambling addiction
  • Losing yourself in a virtual world
  • Low social interactions
  • Lack of body movement

Actions of BoG to ensure the fun while playing

BoG is offering only games of skill where the decision of winning or losing depends on you. Test your skills with play money and check if you can compete with other players before you start playing for prizes. Thee transaction overview will help you to stay up to date about what you have done at BoG. All actions will be saved there and can be checked at any time. Our LKS value will be displayed anytime and you can always see how strong you and your opponents are. This will lead to thrilling games. In our game history you can check stats and analyse which may lead to improving your own skills. You can also check the game history of your opponents to be better prepared.

Play with responsibility and have fun

Good Game

Your BoG team