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Meet and greet with Battle of Glory

Meet and greet

One passion, the same interests, a good mixture of various characters and ideas – this is how BoG was born. We all share the passion of gaming and therefore we are turning our hobby into our profession. The idea of BoG was born, as you may already guess, while gaming. We have been annoyed by all those AFKs and started to philosophise about different possibilities how to eliminate this issue. Putting prizes on the line should help preventing this issue. This was one of the first steps into the creation of BoG. We all together have summed up an amount of over 40 years of gaming experience and this is one of the biggest treasures of BoG. After one year of concentrated effort, with our enthusiasm and our full activity we proudly present you the developed BoG platform. We are very proud of what we reached until now and what will follow in the future. After a long time of brainstorming we chose the name Battle of Glory shortly BoG. It describes the platform better than anything else.

The summoners of BoG

The team of Battle of Glory

Robert (Feedboss of BoG)

Age: 30
Feels like: the young unicorn of BoG
Position at BoG: chief troll
Hobbies: BoG, Youtube, relaxing and romantic walks
Fan of: fantasy movies
Favourite character: Malphite
Favourite position: Support
Best character trait: talks a lot
Robert is the managing director of BoG and therefore responsible for the legal and financial departments. If anything within this branches annoys you please feel free to spam his e-mail account, he will appreciate it. Hanging out with him is real fun as he gets along with everyone. In the game he feels comfortable about being the supporter. If you meet him in game please be gentle because his fingers aren´t that fast.

Eugen (Best ADC in the BoG office)

Age: 29
Feels like: the detective of BoG himself
Position in BoG: chief of the IT-department of BoG
Hobbies: good food and gaming
Fan of: Fnatic
Favourite character: Sivir
Favourite position: ADC
Best character trait: laughs about anything
Eugen is the programming nerd of the BoG family. Thanks to him you can enjoy the platform. His skills are your enjoyment. Due to programming he adopted a reactivity, which each of you should be frightened of. Challenge him and check it out by yourself. His sense of humour is a contribution to the fun climate within the BoG headquarters.

Sergej (Top or feed)

Age: 30
Feels like: Feed Nasus
Position in BoG: marketing wizard of BoG
Hobbies: gaming
Fan of: Faker
Favourite character: Garen
Favourite position: Top
Best character trait: reporting
Sergej is the face and mouth of BoG. He is responsible for marketing and PR. He feels most comfortable on the top-lane and during laning phase he allocates every gamer to its placement. By challenging him you will experience a surprise. As our visionary he additionally motivates and pushes us until we make the most out of it.

Eduard (Rookie of BoG)

Age: 23
Feels like: the secret chief of BoG
Position in BoG: Community manager
Hobbies: basketball, soccer and cooking coffee
Fan of: his girlfriend
Favourite character: Garen Favourite position: top
Best character trait: says not more than 3 sentences a day
Edu is our community manager and mainly responsible for social media. He is studying e-commerce and with his ideas he pushes the publicity of BoG. We are lucky to have him in our team and very thankful for his input. As an experienced FIFA-gamer he firstly has to adopt the skills and knowledge in the rift. At the moment he prefers playing top or mid-lane with Garen or Annie. Give him some time before you challenge him.

We are a strong team with our experience, our network and the different characters. Every team member helps to create something big in a nice climate and awesome working conditions. Maybe you are the missing puzzle piece which boosts BoG. Are you a gamer and like our idea? Are you willing to give everything? Contact us with your ideas and maybe your name is the next one on our summoner list.

Team BoG is waiting for you