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Ranked Tournaments 2017

How our new Ranked Tournaments work

1. Find your tournament

Battle of Glory ranked tournament lobby

Choose a tournament in the lobby. Join and play ranked for coins to win prizes.

2. Check tournament details

ranked tournament details

Check the conditions, prize pool, buy in and participants. Join and play ranked for coins to win prizes.

3. Check your tournaments stats

ranked tournament stats 2016

Check your stats and the stats of your opponents during the tournament time.

4. Get an overview about your tournament performances

ranked tournament performance overview

Check all passed and running tournaments. Analyze them and get better.

Rules for Ranked Tournaments

Score calculation

We calculate the score in 2016 by using the following formula. (kills x 2 points + deaths x -1 point + assists x 1.6 points + minion kills x 0.01 points) * (1.2 - minutes / 100). We take the sum of the best three results during the tournament time in ranked and determine the average. If only one or two games were played, the missing games will be added with zero value and the sum will be divided by three. For more information check out the FAQ.


The prize pool depends on the number of participants and will be indicated in advance as well as the allocation of prizes. The prizes will be transferred at the end of a tournament.

Leaving a tournament

You can leave the tournament any time before the tournament starts. Your Buy-In will be transferred back to your account. Once the maximum number of participants has been reached, a tournament is considered to be started and an exit is no longer possible.


If two or more players have the same score, the player with the least deaths will be placed first. In the rare case that deaths are equal as well, the most kills are decisive, then the assists, then the minion kills and then the shorter game time.

Overlap of tournaments

Each player can simultaneously take part at two tournaments. Each ranked game counts for both tournaments as long as the games are played within the tournament period. In tournaments with no buy-in, we have limited the simultaneous participation to one tournament at a time.

Tournament cancelation 2017

If a tournament is canceled due to technical issues, each player will get his buy-in back.

All about our new mode Ranked Tournaments

What is League of Legends ranked?

Ranked is the league system of League of Legends. There are the divisions Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Challenger. Each division is divided into five leagues which you have to play through in order to get into the next division. In the Master and Challenger divisions there is only one league. Challenger is the highest rank which can be reached. At the beginning of each year, each player is considered unranked and must complete ten placement matches in order to be reclassified. The performance of the previous season will be considered in this reclassification. Once you reach 100 league points (LP) in a league, you get into the so-called Promo Games. If you ascend onto the next league will be decided on a "best of 3" or a "best of 5" games. Of course you have to win more than lose. If you win more often than the average and always have a very good performance, it can happen that you skip the promo and ascend directly to the next higher league. Other rules apply for the Master and Challenger division. There is no limit of 100 LP, because the more points you have the higher you stand in the league.

What are Ranked Tournaments?

Ranked Tournament is the tournament new mode that is offered on Battle of Glory in 2016. In a Ranked Tournament, players log-in on Battle of Glory and play as usual ranked in League of Legends. By participating in the Ranked Tournament our system requires the results of the participating players throughout the tournament runtime and saves the three best results. All other games, no matter how the score is, are not considered in the calculation of the final score. It does not matter whether you win the game or lose it. The only thing that counts is your own performance, not the performance of the own team. We calculate the score using the following formula. (kills x 2 points + deaths x -1 point + assists x 1.6 points + minion kills x 0.01 points) * (1.2 - minutes / 100). Each player should play at least three games in order not to obtain any deduction when calculating the average. The Ranked Tournaments are independent of server and leagues. That means that players from EUW compete against players from NA, because you do not play directly against each other.
Ranked Tournaments are created exclusively by Battle of Glory. The frequency of Ranked Tournaments depends on the popularity. The popularity is measured by how quickly and how often the participation of the players at a certain Ranked Tournament mode is. Of course, we are glad to respond to your opinions about the tournament mode on Facebook or Twitter.

How do the Ranked Tournaments work?

Each player makes a coins buy-in as soon as he has decided to take part in a tournament. Each tournament has a limited number of participants and will only start when the predefined number has been reached. The prize pool of the tournament will be determined by the buy-ins of the players. Two hours before the tournament starts, each participant will be informed about the details. If the message of the tournament start was sent to the players you cannot cancel the tournament anymore. The tournament runs three to five days, dependent on what kind of tournament you are joining. During this time you can play as many games as you like. We take the average of the best three games which you completed within this period. Thus you don’t need to be pissed when a game does not work out well as it won’t be appearing in your tournament score, if you play more than three games.

Advantages of Ranked Tournaments 2016

You are very flexible in time due to the fact that you do not play the Ranked Tournament games against the direct tournament participants. You will decide by yourself when you are playing. The only thing to consider is the duration of the tournament. Since it concerns ranked games, it is less likely to get an AFK or Troll. Even if, then the game does not go into the score of your tournament when you play a better one. So do not forget, you can play as many games as you want in every tournament.

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