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League of Legends at Battle of Glory 2017

At Battle of Glory gamers can play eSports title like League of Legends for prizes. We ourselves are passionate League of Legends players. We love the rift and we knew that we will start with League of Legends on our platform. For sure we will implement other games as fast as possible. The following games are planed: Dota2, CS:GO, Hearthsotne, Battlefiled, World of Tanks, Fifa and many more. It is essentialt that the games are offering an API. The API is important to give our community a good gaming experience and to have a smooth process. League of Legends is offering this API. This offers the possibility to develop a product around League of Legends. This should improve the gaming experience and make the game more interesting.

play Dota2
play World of Tanks

About League of Legends

League of Legends - shortly LoL - is a free to play MOBA game (multi online battle arena) which was created by Riot Games. In League of Legends two teams, with 5 players each, fight with their champions against each other. The goal of a team is to destroy the enemy base called nexus. This sounds easier than it really is. Normally every game starts with the laning phase. We have 4 positions: the bot lane with 2 players, the mid lane with 1 player, the top lane with 1 player and the jungle with 1 player. After a certain amount of time or actions the laning phase ends, this happens when the players don’t stick to their lanes anymore. Every champion starts with level 1 till maximum level 18. A champion gains experience through standing near when minions or champions die. Without any knowledge of League of Legends you have no chance of success. As soon as you managed to get basic knowledge about the different role of each player of a team, how you earn gold, how you can buy equipment, when creeps will spawn and how the map works the real work begins. A very important factor is the knowledge about every champion in League of Legends, about their abilities and their roles in a team composition. Champions have the role of assassins, fighter, mage, marksman, supporter or tank. Despite the fact you never play a champion, pretty sure you have to play against him and it is a huge advantage to know his abilities and his strength and weaknesses. The problem is that there are more than 120 champions, which are growing each month. After mastering this barrier you have to learn everything about items and item builds for each champion. This sounds easier than it is because every champion of a team has 4 unique abilities which scale differently with different items. Additionally, it isn’t only important which items you buy, you have to consider which items your teammates and your enemy buy while constructing your item build. This has to be considered all over in every game again. A basic rule says farm before kill because without gold you won’t get stronger. If you follow this simple rule you are doing pretty much right. The biggest challenge in this eSports title is the interaction with the other players, because you have to work as a team to win a game. There is more to explain but the most important things have been said. Just download League of Legends and explore it by yourself. Have fun while playing.

Why is League of Legends so interesting?

In our opinion League of Legends is an awesome game. Thank you for this Riot. Why is the rift so special? Is it the variation of champions and abilities? Or the interaction in a team with 5 other gamers? Or is it the constant changes of the abilities and items? Or is it the possibility to build different items? Or is it just the fact to play against real competitors? We don’t know it, but what we know is that League of Legends makes a lot of fun and has one of the biggest communities. As in every game there are trolls, leaver and afk´s in a team who are destroying the fun during gaming. We want to help to solve this problem in eSports title like League of Legends with the platform Battle of Glory. We want to give this trolls the possibility to develop ambition because when they lose money they will change their attitude. Riot likes projects, which help to improve the user experience of League of Legends.

League of Legends growth 2016

The growth of the most popular game in 2016, is really remarkable. In 2014, League of Legends had 67 million active players. 2016 the community grew to impressively 100 million active players who play the game of Riot. This trend has not only positive effect for Riot games, rather to all eSports title. Therefore, our goal is to offer all games which are important for eSports. If you are missing a game on our list or have any ideas please we should develop, simply let us know. Just contact us at We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Your BoG Team