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Win Streak Tournaments - FAQ

What are Win Streak Tournaments?

Win Streak Tournaments are a further kind of tournament which is related to Ranked. If you take part in a tournament and it will start, all you have to do is playing Ranked and manage to get a long win streak.

How does it work?

The procedure is the same like in Ranked Tournaments. Join a tournament and wait until tournament starts. As soon as the tournament is full with participants it will start. You will be informed when it will start. Now all you have to do is getting a long win streak in ranked without being defeated between.

How do you calculate the score?

As the the name implies will the player with the longest win streak during the tournament time win. A win streak is a series of game wins in a row without a defeat in between these games. So this means the Win Streak ends after the first defeat. For example: If you have 10 games in a row, you have achieved a Win Streak of 10. The longest Win Streak counts. You have as many tries as you want.

How does BoG handle an equal score?

The player with less played games will be first. Is this also equal, the player with the less played average play time in his Win Streak will win. If the time is also equal, the player who first signed up for the tournament wins. First come first serve.

Can I join more tournaments at the same time?

Sure, you can. You can take part at two cash tournaments and one free tournament at the same time. Now all you have to do is choose in which kind of tournament you want to participate - either Ranked Tournaments or Win Streak Tournaments or in both at the same time.