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Ranked Tournaments - FAQ

What are Ranked Tournaments?

In our opinion that’s the best way to play a tournament. Like the name says, you take part in a tournament by playing Ranked.

When am I allowed to play ranked games in League of Legends?

You are allowed to play ranked games when you reach level 30 and own 16 champions. The free available champions which are changing every week are not counting. The best would be to play at least one ranked game before you take part at a Ranked Tournament.

How does it work?

Every player who decides to join a tournament, pays an entrance fee. Each tournament has only a limited participant number and starts only if the target attendance is reached. The price pool depends on the total payed entrance fees. Every player gets informed 2 hours before the tournament starts. As soon as you received a message, you can’t cancel the participation anymore. The tournament lasts 3 to 5 days depending on the kind of it. You can play as many ranked games as you want in this period. Your best three games will count, so don’t worry if a match doesn’t end well.

Does team ranked count?

Team ranked does not count for ranked tournaments and win streak tournaments. Only soloq ranked is counting.

Can I quit a tournament?

If you quit before the tournament starts, you’ll get your buy-in charged back onto your account. Once the message about the tournaments start is released, you can’t cancel it anymore.

How is the score calculated?

(kills x 2 points + deaths x -1 point + assists x 1,6 points + minion kills x 0,01 points) * (1,2 - minutes/100) * Division. We use the average of the best three games which were played during the tournament duration. If games are not finished before the tournament ends, they won’t count. Below you can see a sample calculation for a better understanding.

Game number Kills Deaths Assists Minion Kills Time Result points






37 min







21 min







48 min







35,33 min


Ranking Factor

















Therefore, the average result is 48,58. Now if you assume it was a gold player, we multiply 48,58 with 1,05 (Because of gold division) and get 51,01 points as a final score. If you reach a better score than one of the existing, we’ll replace it with game 2, because this was the worst game compared to the other two games.

Why does BoG take the average of the 3 best games?

We don’t want to reward the players who only have one awesome game. It will be more exciting if we take the average of the best 3 games. Thus, constantly performing players have the chance of winning.

What happens if I don’t play 3 games?

We divide the sum of your 3 best games with 3 in order to get an average. If you only play one or two games, the missing games will be counted with 0 and we still take the average of 3 games. For example if you played only one game with a final score of 60 points and no further one you are receiving an average score of 20 points because the missing games were calculated with 0 points.

Am I allowed to play as many ranked games as I like?

Yes, you can play as many ranked games as you like. We always count the 3 best games during the tournament time. It doesn’t matter if your team wins or losses. Only your performance will count.

How does BoG handle an equal score?

The player with the least deaths wins. If the value is tied, the kills count, than assists, the minion kills and at least the game time. If the score is still tied, the player who first signed up for the tournament wins. First come first serve. But honestly how often does this happen?

What is a coin tournament?

A coin tournament is a tournament which offers a prize pool consisting of coins. This means you can buy in with coins and can earn even more coins.

What is a money tournament?

A money tournament is a tournament which offer a prize pool consisting of money. This means you can buy in with coins and can win money. This is not a joke.

Who creates the tournaments?

The tournaments will be automatically created by Battle of Glory. The free tournaments will be created manually. You’ll need to be fast to get a seat in it.

Can I start my own tournament?

Not yet, if we note that a lot of players want to create one tournament by themselves, we’ll make it possible. So stay in contact, we care about your feedback.

Can I join more tournaments at the same time?

Sure, you can. You can take part at two cash tournaments and one free tournament at the same time. Now all you have to do is choose in which kind of tournament you want to participate - either Ranked Tournaments or Win Streak Tournaments or in both at the same time.

How often do the tournaments take place?

This depends on how often a tournament is filled up. As soon as the needed attendance is reached, the platform creates the same tournament automatically again.

How do you proof a well-balanced tournament?

You can see your opponents’ strengths in advance. The good thing is that you don’t need to play against them. As already mentioned you will play ranked games, therefore the players will be matched with equal opponents. So it generally doesn’t matter how strong your opponent is. As soon as the community grows, the tournaments will be divided into divisions, for example silver-players compete only against silver-players etc. Because you play ranked games, it’s not possible to team up with stronger players.