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General questions

What is Battle of Glory actually?

Battle of Glory is an online gaming platform where you can compete in eSport games against various participants with the same skill level for prizes. We will start with League of Legends but as soon as possible some more games will follow. We offer the opportunity to play prize games (from 1vs1 to 5vs5) and additionally Ranked Tournaments.

Can I use BoG without paying in money?

Of course you can use BoG for free. As you already know, you don`t need to pay for the registration. We also offer free tournaments where the buy-in is for free and you still have the chance to win prizes. By pressing „current game“ you can automatically check the strength of your own team and of your opponents. Furthermore, you have the possibility to check the game history of each player to estimate his skill level and to be better prepared. You can also play with play money (coins) which is provided for every user for free. Every user receives 300 coins for the registration. Through daily log-in every user receives a 20 coins bonus each day. So don’t forget to stay in touch.

What happens, when I’m connecting my LoL-account with BoG?

You can only possess one BoG account, therefore no multi-accounting is possible. Only one LoL account can be connected per region (EUW, NA etc.) to prevent smurfing. By connecting your League of Legends account with BoG, we retrieve your LoL stats automatically. That’s the base for a smooth experience.

How can I connect my League of Legends account with BoG?

You can connect your account within in your profile in the menu point “connect your gaming account”. First you choose the game, than you enter your region and your summoner name. The system generates a code which you copy and rename an existing rune page in League of Legends into this code. Make sure that the rune page belongs to the summoner name you entered. Now click on “verify” at the BoG platform that the system can check all information. Once your account is connected you can enjoy BoG totally.

How do you determine the results?

BoG is connected with the API (an interface, which allows external developers to retrieve data) of League of Legends, so we can retrieve the games data automatically. Through the API we create a nice experience for the user and an easy win determination for us.

How can I check my opponents’ strengths/skill level?

By showing you the opponents LKS value you are able to make a rough estimation of his strength. As long as your LKS value isn’t too far away of your opponent’s one the match should be balanced. Do not forget that your opponents’ strengths also depends on which champion he selects and how much experience he has with him, how often he has played with him and how long he is playing League of Legends in total. At a later time we are going to launch the BoG score. With the BoG score we want to detect smurfs.

What is the LKS value?

The LoL King Score (shortly LKS) depends on the league you are in and the reached league points (LP). Every division has its own basic value: bronze player - 800, silver – 1.150, gold – 1.500, platinum – 1.850, diamond/master/challenger – 2.200. To rise up to a higher division, you need to run through all 5 stages of a division. By accomplishing one stage the gamer earns 70 points. Per LP 0,7 points are received.


Score = basic value of each division + accomplished stage * 70 + LP * 0,7

Sample calculation of a gold II player with 45 LP:

For the gold division he receives 1.500 points. Additionally he earns 3 * 70 = 210 points as stage V, IV and III are passed. Together with the 45 LP we get 0,7 * 45 = 31,5. Summing up we have the LKS of 1.742.

LKS = 1.500 + 3 * 70 + 45 * 0,7 = 1.742 (rounded up)

How can I communicate with other players?

You are able to constantly use the chat function at the BoG platform. You have the possibility to contact your friends in the private chat. In the all chat you can ask and pursue questions and comment on them if you want to. If you don´t need the chat any more just minimize it.

How do you prevent smurfing and cheating?

Smurfing and cheating is strictly forbidden at BoG. If a gamer is caught he will be banished from BoG immediately. We want the duels to be fair because the fun while gaming is priority. If you detect something suspicious please report this case to us. We’ll analyze the game replays after your report and initialize the appropriate actions if the suspicion is confirmed. At BoG only level 30 accounts are allowed if you want to take part at cash-games. Furthermore multi accounting isn’t possible. Each player must verify himself at BoG with his ID.

What is a smurf?

A smurf is a player who is not using his original/main account or using intentional a low elo account to hide his strength. A smurfs has an unusual good performance compared to players on the accounts elo (lower elo). He has often a lot of kills, good cs and doesn’t need a lot of games to have exceptional scores in the tournaments.

What are you doing with smurfs?

If we define a player as a smurf, we will ban him without any discussion and exception. Be aware that smurfs won’t get paid. We check every player who is doing a cash out request. So even if a smurf is winning a tournament he won’t be able to get his cash.

Can I win as a bronze or unranked player?

Of course you can. It doesn’t matter in which league you’re playing. It’s more important to search for an opponent with almost the same skill level like yours. Therefore you should use the LKS value as an orientation. Analyze your opponents in advance by checking his match history to increase your chances of winning. At the end it’s just your performance that matters, because League of Legends is a pure game of skill.

How old do I have to be for competing at BoG?

According to the German law you must be at least 18 years old to use BoG. If there’s a different age limit in your country, these limit will count for you in your case. We place high importance not to come into conflict with the law and to protect minors. If we catch an underage player, he will be banished from BoG instantly.

Why do I have to verify myself?

You need to verify yourself at BoG to be able to participate in money games. Therefore, you must upload a valid ID. The verification serves your and our protection. We are obligated by law to do it, otherwise we would be guilty of an offense.

What is BoG doing with my information?

We’re obligated by law to check your data. But don’t worry, we’re not going to reveal any data of our users, we will delete it after a successful verification. Your information are save. We need them to proof that we care of youth protection.

Are my information safe?

We use the highest safety standards to secure your information and money. Make sure not to give your login data to other people, neither friends nor relatives. We recommend changing your password once a month. BoG will never ask you to reveal your password. If you notice something like this please contact us, so we can solve the problem.

Is it legal to play for money?

Hell yeah! We only offer games of skill, which don’t come within the gambling law. However we stick to the restrictions of the gambling law, so our users can feel safe. Playing on Battle of Glory is restricted for players under the age of 18. If you don’t live in Germany, you need to follow the laws of your country.

How can I contact you?

The easiest way is to write an email to We will respond as fast as possible to your request. Don’t wonder if we take time to answer, we also need some sleep.