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World of eSports 2017

The origin of eSport

For gamer eSports is nothing new. If you look back and ask yourself what is the origin of everything, you can argue about which community implement eSports the most in the world. A lot of different aspects worked together. For sure you can mention games of the 70s like Pong, Spaceinvaders or even Flipper which were used with high score tables in bars. You can also mention the World Cyber Games (WCG) where hundreds of participants played Fifa, Starcraft and Quake for a price money of 200.000 Euro but there is more behind it. Let’s have a look in the development of eSports up to 2016.

The community

The engine for eSports are the gamers themselves. Like in every sport the players work hard in order to improve their skills. Critics claim that is just playing a game and you waste your time while playing it. But working 16 hours a day at your kills is no rarity for many gamers. This endurance and the attempt to improve the own skill to perfectionism is the main reason why eSports is at its current state. In special cases even eating and sleeping is neglected to improve the own skills.

LAN parties were organised and it was the first time to compete against other people or teams. This events are still popular nowadays and bring together thousands of players. Good players started to organise themselves and founded clans. The first pro gaming teams in eSports were born. Nowadays they work like a company and attract thousands of fans. Not less important are the boards and statistic pages around the games, where the community exchange hints and tricks and help each other to improve, which additionally leads to the growth of eSports.

The technical development, like the expansion of the World Wide Web network, was an important part for the growth of eSports as well. An easy way to spread the games around the world was created with platforms like Youtube and TwitchTV. And again the community takes credit for this because they have been producing uncountable videos and entertaining streams. This number is still growing on a daily basis. There is a reason why the profession Youtuber or Streamer is a dream job for a lot of young gamers. There is nothing better than earning money with your hobby, especially if it offers so much fun.

The market of eSports

eSports is a very young market but it has already convinced with enormous growth in numbers of viewers and price money in the range of millions. The first transfer fees for gamers are about to reach the million barrier and the gamers’ salaries are constantly rising. Big companies like Red Bull, Coca Cola and many more have detected this trend and have started to advertise massive in eSports. Millions of money are invested into clans and platforms. Sold out stadiums and live streams can be seen every day. Everybody wants to be part of this because it makes fun and everybody wants to work in the best area of the world “Gaming”.

eSport events

Since a few years eSports and the enthusiasm to it, growth from year to year. This is especially appreciated by the game developer Riot with the game league of legends. They have the biggest crowed in the eSports market. Each year they started their biggest eSports event named “Worlds”. In 2016, twelve League of Legends teams fight against each other to win the tournament. To qualify to the Worlds, the league of legends teams have to collect enough points in their own division. The principal of the qualification is the same as we know it from soccer. Another point is the price money. Already in the year 2016 the winner of the league of legends worlds get more than 2 million dollars. Therefore, it’s merely a matter of time until other eSport games starts their own worlds.


Just imagine League of Legends at Olympia, Dota2 in free TV during the prime time, hearthstone leagues worldwide and CS:GO public viewing. This is no dream anymore. In the future, eSports will be bigger than sports like soccer, football or baseball. The only difficulty will be which game will be picked. Every year new games are developed and the community for every game rises gigantically. Which game will stay at the top, lies in your hands. However the winner should not rest because eSports is changing quickly and the community is hungry for new entertainment.

eSports is the future and we want to be part of it which is only possible with you. We would like to thank you for your support and are happy to create a product for the eSports market.

Your BoG team