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Code of Conduct

  1. Doubt is your biggest enemy (Master Yi).
  2. Mute instead of getting muted.
  3. If you get muted, it is likely that you are the flamer in game.
  4. Indicate someone on his mistakes, rather than focus on your own game, decreases your chances of winning.
  5. Actions speak louder than words. Better show your skills in the game.
  6. Nobody likes faultfinder.
  7. Sometimes less is more! The chat is not there for flaming. Use it to bring your team on the road of success.
  8. A great warrior is modest in victory and appreciative in defeat.
  9. Just because someone plays well with a champion, his champ is not OP and must be nerfed. You have the free choice so pick this champion yourself.
  10. In order to become the best, you have also to admit your own mistakes and better work on them instead to blaming other players.
  11. After the game is before the game. Take the defeat not so serious, it is and will be just a game.
  12. Good mood leads more often to success, at least playing then makes a lot more fun.
  13. Honor to those who deserves it.
  14. Fair play is a nice attitude.
  15. A mistake of a player does not make him directly a noob.
  16. Enemy-First Blood does not necessarily mean defeat, so stay relaxed and concentrate. Comebacks make it even more fun.
  17. OP is our platform, so keep calm. The higher you fly the deeper you can fall.
  18. Hatred, anger and insults are just a sign of weakness. True warriors do not know those emotions.
  19. Going AFK testifies weakness, a true warrior stay with his team until the end.