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Online gamer community 2016

Gamer as the foundation of a whole industry

The source of every game is the gamer. You as an online gamer make games big, you find the bugs, have new tricks which you share and give news and improvements to the gaming development companies during alpha and beta tests. Mostly you do this for free just with the intention of being part of the origin of a game. Computer games would be half as good and eSports on a lower level without the gamers. The community in gaming is so active like in no other industry. Especially at social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, you gamers are the active ones. Thanks to the gamer professions like blogger, streamer and youtuber games exist. The contact within the gamers is in general friendly and fair play is nothing unknown. For sure there are also exceptions of gamers who only criticise and think they know everything better, but this kind of character exists everywhere. A big thanks from our site to you gamers for making gaming so awesome.

Meaning of gamers for BoG 2016

Please be aware of the fact that we are in the starting phase, so don’t be too disappointed if something is not working properly. We are professionals in our skills but not without mistakes. We would be happy if you report bugs directly to us in order to remove them and to give the gamers a good user experience. As an online gamer you use our platform and see things out of a different perspective that is the reason why BoG appreciates every idea or news from your site. Decide with us at our blog or Facebook how and what will be developed next. Be part of something big. Your opinion as a gamer is important to us. True to the slogan “With you, For you”. Gaming is more fun together and that’s the reason why we believe in a strong community. We see us as a gamer family and we want to develop the best product for the eSports market with you.

The different kind of gamer 2016

Which gamer type is suiting you the most as a gamer? Maybe you want to be a different gamer type. Which type of gamer fits to your friends?

The cool gamer:

He is relaxed, chaotic, slow and simply never gets stressed. Writing in the chat is too exhausting; he stays calm no matter how a game is going. Very often he comes too late to his lane or took the wrong summoner spell or just chose the wrong masteries and runes. He realises updates only during online games. Player who flame him are just getting muted because every aggression is not his kind of action. The food is delivered directly to his table and moving around is not on his to do list only to go to the toilet.

The good guy gamer:

He is extra ordinary friendly in game as well as in real life. He likes to work together with his team. Is a lane not performing well he instantly tries to help them as soon as possible. If another gamer makes a mistake he instantly tries to build up his moral. This kind of gamer let you have the kills and buffs and always does the best of what is good for the team like the slogan “A team is only as strong as his weakest part of it”. He often takes the lead and the team likes to follow him. It is fun to play with him and at the end of every game you will get a GG from him. He is an honourable gamer.

The normal guy gamer:

Depending on his feeling this kind of gamer is adapting his mode according to the team. He is happy if a game is running well, gets angry if a game is running bad. As a gamer he discusses tough in the news chat. If something goes wrong he pings and criticises. Good moves of the team will be applauded and after the game he often honours other gamers. He likes to follow instead of leading. He is very self-critical and accepts own mistakes and often apologies for them.

Rage gamer:

The smallest disagreement leads to his rage. Is his lane not going well he mostly blames the jungler like the slogan “If you lose the lane, blame the jungler”. Is a gank not successful he instantly insults the gamer. If someone dies he blames him as a feeder. Words like reported or noob are not seldom. There is no space for mistakes and even if he wins he will complain about KS. He tends to go Afk pretty fast or intentionally feeds. Sometimes it is enough just to kill one creep of his lane to get him into rage mode. Team play is a foreign word and he is looking for the kill instead of playing for the team. As a gamer you don’t want to have him in your team.

Professor “I know everything better” gamer:

He knows every detail of an update, knows every trick, checks pro gamers’ moves and prepares very well for a game. During loading time he checks the strength of every player and decides which team will win before the game has even started. He gives every gamer good advice what has to be done in game and for which itembuild they should go. Is a laning phase going bad more often he calls the enemy champion “noob champ” or “op champ”. Mistakes were only done by other gamers. If the game runs good you won’t have any problems. After the game, he analyses the results in order to be better prepared for the next game.

Did we miss one type of gamer or any characteristic? Just write us and maybe your text will be displayed here. We appreciate your ideas.

Good Game

Your BoG team