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About Battle of Glory

Battle of Glory Logo about us 2016

Battle of Glory (BoG) is the ultimate online gaming platform for eSports. Battle of Glory reunites enthusiastic League of Legend gamers from all over the world who are willing to play lol tournaments against each other to receive the ultimate thrill in gaming. Results will be automatically checked and the tournament winner receives the prize right after. Battle of Glory has been developed for eSports from gamers for gamers. As we ourselves are passionate gamers we want to give you the best gaming experience of all time.

Every LoL/WoT gamer benefits from it

For saving the philosophy and the fairness of eSports battles, we show you the skill level of each opponent under our League of Legends “current game”. Battle of Glory is focused on the equality of the opponents for preserving the fun factor and additionally the fairness. We are constantly working on new ideas of how we can offer you the ideal games.

You have the chance to compete with higher lol ranked opponents as well. Find out how good you are for real. The most important thing is that you make the rules by yourself it is your decision with whom you want to compete a battle. By gaming against a League of Legends challenger or a pro gamer from the LCS you can show them what you are made of. Such are games you will never forget.

Less leavers and AFKs during the game

What we all have in common is that we cannot stand leavers or AFKs while gaming. Especially during lol ranked games it is annoying having one of this kind within the team and maybe losing the promo because of them. We are convinced that by putting prizes on the line the number of trolls and AFKs will decrease everyone wants to win a prize. This progress will enrich eSport games.

Get the thrill while gaming

Enjoy the ultimate thrill and excitement in a game, feel yourself like the pro gamer of League of Legends. From now on it is not only about the rank in game - it is about more. The game becomes an experience, the adrenaline rushes and the eager ascends. This all cause high end eSports. With Battle of Glory we want to create professional gamers and give everybody the possibility to win prizes by playing eSports. As in times where people make money with streaming games or other various things around games, the job “gamer” should not only be for professionals. Everybody should get the opportunity to reach for his dreams at Battle of Glory. Like in every other sport people want to be the best. With Battle of Glory we want you to improve your skills constantly until your limits are exceeded. In the future we would like to offer you some League of Legends gameplay training camps in cooperation with our partners in order to be better prepared for every challenge.

Incredulous? How does BoG work?

We can fully understand if you might be sceptical reading all those new information. As gamers we ourselves might question it as well.

  • Does it work?
  • How does it work in game?
  • Can I really win prizes by playing against equal opponents within bronze or silver league

In this case we offer you the possibility of trying Battle of Glory with play money that means with coins. You only need to register and put our offers to the acid test before participating in the tournaments and proofing your skills in games. If there`s something you dislike we always welcome your feedback. Your opinion will have an effect on the gaming experiences of thousands. eSports can only grow with your helping encouragement.

Furthermore, you can also use Battle of Glory for games even if you are not registered in the future. Analyse your previous games and take a look at the performance of your opponents. Our motto is to resign abonnements and to give every player the same chance to win tournaments. It is up to your will and eager, if you want to turn your hobby into the next level.

Goals and visions of Battle of Glory 2017

Build an own professional team for eSports

One aim is to build up a professional Battle of Glory team which participates on tournaments and experience the live atmosphere of eSports. With this team Battle of Glory will seek for new European talents, support them and live the eSports.

Input of Battle of Glory to the establishment of eSports within the society 2017

In our opinion eSports in Europe is quite undeveloped. Therefore we want it to be accepted as an official sport and to give anyone the option practicing it.

Input of Battle of Glory to establishing gaming as the most successful business of world

With Battle of Glory we like to improve the gaming and the eSports until it becomes the most popular branch for gamers as well as for companies. We are excited how fast the sector has developed and we want to give our best to support this increase even further.

Creation of the ultimate eSports platform for the best gaming experiences – from gamers for gamers

On the platform everyone is welcome to join Battle of Glory for free and to have direct access to any information about eSports. Every gamer has the chance to share ideas or criticism relating to eSports, which will have influence on the platform development. This is the impact which is necessary in order to create something awesome.

Be a part of the battles

The Battle of Glory team is waiting for you